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Day 7- Yeshua in Jerusalem

Shalom and good morning everyone! Yesterday was a busy Sabbath day.

Early in the morning Andrew accompanied me to the Western Wall area to record a dance. We definitely attracted a lot of attention first of all with me dancing, and then with the two of us with the camera and tzitzits. Three police came up and interrogated us with questions for a bit. Once they found out we were Christians who are trying to follow Torah they seemed fine with it. DSCN1575.jpg

Our first stop for the morning was an overlook of Jerusalem on Mount Scopus. Then we continued on to the Mount of Olives. There Dad did a teaching and I danced to a song called “Sing Us a Song of Zion.”
Upon leaving there, we drove to the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Yeshua took his three closest disciples and prayed before going through the crucifixion. Dad taught there about how that was the moment in His life where He had a choice whether to go with his flesh or what Abba wanted Him to do. The theme, once again, was about following Abba no matter what. That is a lesson we all have to learn in our own separate experiences. Sometimes what He wants us to do is not what our flesh may want to do. Then we learn to submit, knowing that His plan is better than anything we could come up with in and of ourselves.
Since Moshe could not be with us on Shabbat, we had another guide, this time a woman. She was very good.
After that we took the bus to a spot and walked through the Arab market square outside the Old City of Jerusalem. The security in the area was heightened because of its proximity to the Damascus Gate, where an incident happened the other day. It is toward the end of the Muslim feast of Ramadan, so a lot more Muslims are in the city this trip.

Andrew and I stayed in the back of the group to ensure everyone found the way to the Garden Tomb, where we were headed. The guide who directed us at the Garden Tomb taught us that the image we have of Yeshua hanging on a cross up on a hill called Calvary is mistaken. Following the practice of Roman crucifixion, He would have been hung in the middle of one of the busiest squares in the marketplace, and it would have been at eye level so it would make an impression on everyone who passed by. That instantly creates a different picture. Rather than having a Jesus Who is high on a hill above us, on a tall cross….we had a Savior Who was on an eye to eye level with the crowds. I cannot even begin to imagine what a painful, humiliating experience that was. Yet love drove Him to do it and obey God.
When we finished the teaching and saw the empty tomb (which is possibly the one He was laid in), we headed back through the shuk (market) and through the New Gate into the Old City. From there we climbed the stairs to the Ramparts Walk, the pathway along the top of the walls around Jerusalem. It is always an experience being up there, and you can see all across the city from that height.
When we came down from the walls, it was already time to get on the bus and head back to the hotel. We had some time before supper, so Andrew, Unique and I sat on the rooftop deck and debated over some scriptures. After supper, a group of us went to the Western Wall and some went to Ben Yehuda Street, the main shopping street in Jerusalem. About an hour after Shabbat ends, the street comes alive and most shops open. What, just an hour previous, was a deserted pedestrian street becomes a shopping center full of hundreds of people eating falafels, shopping, and talking.
Once more I was stopped by security. Being a woman, my wearing tzitzits could be considered offensive to some. It is all in the interpretation of the command. Eventually the four of us were allowed to continue. We spent some time at the Wall itself, which was full of activity. Many religious Jews living in the city begin and close out Shabbat at the Wall. After we finished we wandered back through the Jewish Wuarter to the Jaffa Gate through which we entered. We stopped to sit on a bench at one point and listen to the men in a synagogue above us chanting their prayers. It is a beautiful sound as the Hebrew is lifted in harmony.
All in all, it was a good day. We did a lot of walking…more than we have done all week. Today we have our bulletproof bus again and are heading to Hebron, where Abraham purchased land. I will post more pictures later from yesterday...I have to finish breakfast. Shalom from the Holy City of Jerusalem!

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